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The Sources Of Oral Information In 2023

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The Sources of Oral Information in 2023


Information is important for any society or individual. It is a tool for decision making, education, and is a source of entertainment. As such, it is important to know the various sources of information, both written and oral. In this article, we will discuss the sources of oral information available in 2023.

Oral Sources of Information

Oral sources of information refer to information that is communicated through verbal communication. This includes both spoken and written words. Some of the most common oral sources of information include:


Conversations are one of the most common sources of oral information. With the advances in technology, conversations are now conducted over the phone, through video calls, and even through text messages. Conversations can be between two people or a group of people and can be either formal or informal.


Interviews are another common source of oral information. Interviews are usually conducted in a formal setting and can be used to gain information about a person or a situation. Interviews can be conducted in-person, over the phone, or even online.

Lectures and Presentations

Lectures and presentations are also a popular source of oral information. These are often used in educational settings to provide information to a large group of people. Lectures can be pre-recorded or live, and can be presented in person or through video conferencing. Presentations can be used to illustrate a point or to provide more detailed information on a topic.

Radio and TV Shows

Radio and TV shows are also a popular source of oral information. These shows provide a variety of information, from news and current events to entertainment and lifestyle advice. Radio and TV shows are often broadcast live, but can also be recorded and aired at a later date.


Oral sources of information are an important part of society in 2023. From conversations to radio and TV shows, there are a variety of ways to obtain information. It is important to understand the different sources of information available and to use them responsibly.