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Puisi Berantai: 6 Person Chain Poem

Puisi berantai kocak 6 orang 2021
Puisi berantai kocak 6 orang 2021 from

Puisi Berantai: 6 Person Chain Poem

What is a Chain Poem?

A chain poem is an interactive and collaborative type of poem where several participants write a poem together. It is also referred to as a round robin poem, a six-person poem, or a six-line poem. Six people are involved in this type of poem, each person contributing one line to the poem in turn. The first person starts the poem by writing the first line, and then the next person adds a second line, and so on until the sixth person completes the poem with the final line. The poem is then read aloud to appreciate the creative work of the group.

How to Write a 6 Person Chain Poem

Writing a 6 person chain poem is a fun and interactive activity that can be done with friends or family. Here are the steps to get started:

  • Choose a topic or theme for the poem.
  • Gather 6 people together and assign each person a number (1-6).
  • Person 1 starts the poem by writing the first line.
  • Person 2 adds the second line and so on until Person 6 writes the sixth line.
  • Once all 6 lines have been written, each person reads their line aloud in order.
  • Enjoy the completed poem!

Tips for Writing a Chain Poem

To write a chain poem that flows well, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Choose a topic that is interesting to all participants.
  • Encourage participants to be creative and add descriptive words.
  • Make sure each line relates to the topic and flows well with the other lines.
  • If someone has difficulty coming up with a line, suggest a word or phrase to help them get started.


Writing a chain poem is a great way to get creative and have fun with a group of people. It is a great activity for all ages and can be done in a short amount of time. So gather your friends or family and give it a try!