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Contoh Kalimat If Clause Suggestion

Contoh Kalimat If Clause Suggestion. If clause + a suggestion : 3.) i suggest that you.

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Conditional sentences if with imperative can should. Rumus (pola) kalimat inversion conditional sentence (if clause) type 3. Perhatikan kalimat if clause yang digarisbawahi.

If you want to pass this test.

Penjelasan rumus (pola) kalimat dan contoh kalimat if clause type 2. Tipe ini kemudian menunjukkan sebuah fakta, serta kejadian pasti yang menghasilkan suatu hal tertentu. Berikut contoh kalimat bahasa inggris “if clause + reminder” dengan rumus 2:

If she wants to be a good singer.

If you want to win the competitions, you must study hard; It is situated in the island commonly known as bukit peninsula, where it also include bali’s few best beaches like balangan and also has many good surfing spots. Contoh dialog dengan conditional sentence dengan suggestion.

He will get hurt if he falls from that tree.

If you want to be the chair of osis, offer a good program to improve the school environment. If he falls from that tree, he will get hurt. If you want to pass the exam, you have to study harder.

A complete grammar guide about modal verb รข€¢ 7esl / oleh karena itu, saran (suggestion) menggunakan should/ought, to/had, better.

Jika dia ingin menjadi penyanyi yang bagus: Imperative/suggestion beserta contoh dan penggunaannya. 7 contoh bentuk kata conditional sentences in any word forms.

Imagine a large limestone cliff with a temple perched on it, almost like a scene from cliffhanger, to add to it’s dramatic grandeur.

Contoh if + clause + suggestions if you want to pass the exam, you have to study harder. Kalimat suggestion atau kalimat memberikan saran biasanya akan dimulai dengan beberapa kata. Jadi, if clause + a suggestion adalah adalah kalimat bersyarat yang bisa digunakan untuk memberi saran kepada orang lain.